The nice thing about this whole upheaval of life, getting older, starting over in a new place and even the damn heartache is..I’ve gained the wisdom and the knowledge to know when I need to be firm about boundaries and what I allow into my “space”. It does affect me greatly and if you come at me with negativity and unnecessary crapola and think you will get quiet and sweet Anne Marie…well….good luck with that.

Life is too short. I simply do not have the time for all that anymore. I need to be aware of how I allow people to treat me. “Wisdom to know the difference”…the serenity prayer has always been something I have thought about throughout life but I guess it has never rang so true until now. It does matter. It does affect me emotionally and physically when I don’t pay attention and I do need to have the wisdom to know when I should let something go…when to accept I can not change it..AND when I CAN change it. I need to take care of myself better. I just do. I have neglected myself for years now. I was on a mission to survive and thrive and somewhere along the way I stopped taking care of the main engine…me. My mind and well being are the core of who I am and it needs to be in good working order or everything else quits working. Onward now. Enough stalling and waiting for something to change. Why it was always in my control…I just forgot it was.

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