White Lightening

White Lightening…not sure if it is the proper term but it’s what I’m told it is. It is something you give horses when they are colic. Basically you try to fit an oral syringe in a horses mouth and shoot the stuff up in em. Sounds easy huh? Ya. No. Most of it ends up on your head. This horse Mac…he is old. He is having some sort of situation and surprise! I am not a vet. :/

I am having a really hard time understanding why I have been left to care for an older horse with older problems and being as “green” as I am about horses. Thankfully I have people I can call in an emergency..but still…why….after not even 2 weeks in…was I left alone on this ranch?  I just don’t understand that. I know without a doubt this woman truly cares about her animals..it’s why she has a horse that is 33 yrs old…but I truly do not understand her trust in me to know what to do or to even handle two big animals like this on my own. I am doing it..but things could go wrong so quickly and it is a bit nerve wracking during a time when I have had to process so much with this breakup and move. I am absolutely overwhelmed and I really need a moment to simply adjust at a normal pace. I don’t think there is such a thing as a “normal pace” with this woman. I am really going to need to teach her how I function. Overload me and things start to get messy. She has also been trying to get me to meet people here like way to soon for my being comfortable about. I keep trying to tell her…I have friends…I am not looking for new friends so soon just because I moved to a new area. That sort of thing just kind of happens…it is not forced in my book. And honestly..the people she is trying to get me to meet are all very well off kind of people. I mean I am certain they are all very nice folks..and I definitely want to meet people who are interested in purchasing my art….but I don’t think I have much in common with someone who is retired and recently bought a vacation home in Hawaii. Ya know? Not being judgy…just realistic about what I would even talk about with a person who lives a completely different lifestyle then moi. Talked with a woman yesterday and just fake nodded my head while she told me about what a pain it was to find the perfect property on an island. Me: “Ya…don’t you hate that…such a pain…why just last week I was looking at buying an island in the south pacific…but then I noticed opps no coconut trees….deal breaker!” Oy. It is simply not what I can relate to…and that’s….kinda important in a true relationship with someone. Trust me. 7 years of recent learning time with that.

One thought on “White Lightening

  1. Differences between people can be fascinating but only when there is common ground do things evolve. With these new people being presented it may take a while to find that common ground. At the very least they are human … and know other humans. Local networks are important. Give yourself time.

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