My employer is 85 years old and has a better figure than me. She also still rides her horses. Well one horse she does…the other she doesn’t because he is too old. (Insert irony…oh ya don’t need to…) She says the key is….”don’t stop moving”. Hear that ladies and germs…don’t stop moving.  We come from completely different economic worlds…and beliefs…but I gotta say…I recognize something in this woman and I have a lot of respect for her. She is sharp..runs this ranch like a true manager and owner and really has a heart of gold when it comes to her animals. I think this is where we really connected….and ultimately how I got this job being so very “green” with horses. She tells me..”I just knew I could trust you because all my animals responded so well to you. I don’t trust anyone if they don’t like you.” So there you go. That is ultimately why I am here because really..no other reason makes any sense.

Did I mention she is 85 years old? That really blows my mind. Had I been asked to guess..I would have easily said 65…but nope…85. God bless her. What an amazing spitfire of a woman.

3 thoughts on “85

  1. Right on, sister! Whenever I start feeling old, I turn it around by reminding myself that many womenhalf my age couldn’t keep up with me to do my workouts. Yup, my skin is looser and more wrinkly, but I am strong. Hear me roar. XXOO

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