And with one response from a stranger..a spark of hope. It is amazing to me where hope is found. How it is found. And how it comes from nothing at all. One second you feel very alone in the world…the next you see someone very much like you..out there..waiting too. It is why I continue to wake up every day. Not that it is really a choice..but to some extent..it is. It is why I put my shoes on..one by one. It is why I comb my hair and brush my teeth. It is why I step outside. Why I create. Why I notice the details in everything around me. As low as I have felt in different periods of my life…I always found hope to continue on. To see what tomorrow brings..and to take those risks that feel so crazy in the moment. I am glad it has always been a part of my process…part of my journey. I am grateful actually. I know many who lose it…who need help finding it. It has always come to me very naturally. Even in my darkest hours…it is still this small little flame that simply waits for me to throw fuel onto. It is an eternal flame deep within me and most of what I have survived in my life would not have happened with out it.

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