25 lbs of hurt…gone.

Lost 25 lbs so far. It makes a huge difference in how one feels in their own skin. I have a new understanding of weight on the body and how it makes you feel in every day life. I have a new empathy for people who struggle just being in their own skin. At my heaviest I would cry out of frustration to just put on my clothes after a shower. Everything felt more difficult to do. I felt weak. Nothing fit right. And although some of my symptoms of whatever has been going on with my body since last year are still there…some are just not and I seriously wonder if they were weight related now. Maybe the joint pain will go away too..maybe I was just carrying just enough extra weight to cause strain on my joints in my body. Since all the many doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with all the many tests…I feel a bit embarrassed that maybe it really was the weight.

I have been reminded that when I don’t care…it causes problems. I know what to do. I always have. I know my body and I know when I just don’t care about it and I am stuck in my misery…these things happen to my shell. I know what I need to eat and when. I know I need to get up off my arse and move. I know all these things and I still allowed myself to get to the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I also know that when I don’t deal with my mind…it ends up in my body..head to toes..it all lands there on its way down. I need to pay attention to ALL the many things that make me healthy. It’s not just one thing. It is many things. You don’t solve complex problems with simple solutions. The antidote is as complex as the toxins and you need to treat it accordingly. And it is work. And it is something you have to think about all day long. And everyone is different and you have to find what works for you and your body and mind. And it is not impossible.

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