What it’s like to be me sometimes.

I’ve had this whole “oh she must be stuck on herself always liking her posts and sharing her art constantly” thing come up too many times now and I really want to say..if you honestly believe that’s what I am about..that I think I’m the bomb and better than others…you REALLY don’t know me.

At all.

I also get this same thing from people because I’m an introvert by nature and not very chatty or into small talk and feel very uncomfortable when I first meet people. If for some reason that’s not your first impression of me it’s because you or my surroundings had me at ease. If a person or surroundings make me feel comfortable…I’m a little more relaxed and you might get the rare “everything is good so I can put my guard down” all smiles Anne. But most often I feel awkward and not at ease. Some kind of social anxiety thing that honestly I’ve just tried to live with and ignore the random “oh she is a bitch” talk with people who don’t try to get to know me.

Trust me it’s okay…I can be hard to read in person so I don’t expect everyone to get me or like me or make an effort.

I look pissed off when I don’t smile as well so I get that assumption of what kind of person I am as well. I’ve had men tell me they are afraid of me because I’m not all smiley or one to flirt back unless you give me a reason to trust ya. I’ve had women start rumors that I must be f***ing my boss because I do a good job at work and because I don’t chum around with them…well obviously I’m a brown nose boss f***er.

Trust me when I say…I have dealt with this my entire life so I don’t even think about it too much anymore. But once in awhile someone tries to tell me who I am or who they perceive me to be. At 46 I’m starting to feel like this is just insecure nonsense and judgmental and I just don’t give it the energy I used to but I will clap back if I’m in the mood to.

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