A New Way to BE

36 lbs total lost now from the heaviest I have ever been in my life. 36 lbs. I remember sobbing because I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I could feel my weight and I remember being so frustrated just trying to get dressed or move around. Nothing fit anymore. My balance was suddenly weirdly off. I was carrying around a young child every waking moment. When this is not your life long normal…and you gain so quickly in a matter of a year…it is shocking. I suddenly had a new perspective for others who struggle with their weight. I blamed it on a slower metabolism but now that I am again away from a miserable relationship it’s hitting me hard it had nothing to do with my aging…and everything to do with my emotional well being. I am losing misery weight. Unloved and lonely weight. How much that relationship affected every single part of me. Turned me into something I am not in every way.

27 more lbs to lose to get to a new normal weight. It will be 10 lbs more than when I arrived in CA but I don’t think my original weight when I arrived was healthy. I was also working in a factory nonstop before arriving so it was not healthy and I knew it. And I was asked a lot if I was sick at that weight. I think it best I leave my HS weight in the past and concentrate on being 46 and at a healthy weight.

I don’t do diets. I know they don’t work long term. I’ve simply stopped eating so much. I’ve stopped the sweets. Stopped eating too much throughout the day. I am satisfied having a small breakfast and decent dinner. I’m a natural snacker so it’s quite easy to just eat healthy snacks while I work and then have one meal a day. I don’t think twice about it.

I’ve also made a point every day to get my steps in. It’s the combination of staying active..getting off my ass and simply moving along with eating less and eating less junk. It’s not that complicated.

It’s just being aware daily of your actions that really keep it a priority.

Healthy body..healthy mind is the goal. They are so connected.

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