The Liter Box Test

Well this is kind of an idea of what little house living would be like in my little room. I’m not stuck in my room of course but it’s my main spot and I’ve had to rearrange how I do things and organize to make things fit and be functional. And the one and only drawback (besides NO ROOM FOR ANYTHING) is the cat liter box. I’m close to cracking over that. NOT A FAN! I am the only person I know who has cats who gags every day when I have to clean their liter box. A common saying of mine while I clean it is “you two are soooo lucky I like you”.

Well so having that box of smell hell across from my bed…oh man it’s testing me guys. It is testing me!! 👏

This will make me stronger right? Like I’m going to be able to invade a small country after this..right?

Side note…until we feel we can really introduce the cats to the cat of the house..they live in my room. When we get past the introduction part I can put the box in a different location of the house.

And that’s what’s going on in my part of the world. Sooo glamorous eh? Knocking out those illusions of an artist life one liter box at a time! 👏💃🏼

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