I Arrived Like a Wrecking Ball…

My sleeps are a little screwed up (3:33 am right now and wide awake) but feel a lot better than yesterday. I don’t need a lot of sleep but I do need good sleep and sitting upright on a plane is not a good sleep.

But whatever I’m here! 🎉

So far I am in complete awe of everything. I feel like I’m on a movie set. This place can not be real. These people can not be real. I already feel like I could absolutely fit in here quite well. I absolutely “fockin” could, man.

This morning I would like to thank the bus driver who made a point to stop the bus and halt everyones journey so my dumb ass could empty my coffee and travel filled bladder before I bust. I rarely have these moments. My bladder strong like bull. But omg it was a close one yesterday. That bus driver is my hero. And probably did not want a mess on his bus so probably more proactive over kind but hey…I can’t confidently say the same would be done for me back in LA. So there you go. The Irish rock!

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