And go.

Just need one big sale of the art to breathe easier here after a month and a half away. The needs list is piling up. Sorta put everything on hold while having a really amazing time overseas. I knew it would be tough when I came home and honestly…it was SO worth it.

But now I need to get back to work. Play time over. Thinking cap on. Classes set up and students are signing up but that doesn’t start until September 13 and payment won’t happen until October.

Artist life. I wouldn’t trade it for nothing but it is stressful and there are moments when I think “well you’re just out right nuts aren’t ya?” Do I miss a steady income at times? Ya. I do. But then I remember how I worked just as hard to make someone else successful…with no personal feeling of accomplishment and I was miserable…and that just isn’t my path any longer. So I traded the security of a regular paycheck in for purpose. Wonderful purpose. My very own reason to exist and flourish and have meaning to this time here. I would do it again and again. It’s the one decision I’ve made for myself that I have no regrets about. For me…this is what makes me happy and fulfilled. I love what I get to do. I just absolutely love it. It makes me look forward to get up in the morning and start a new day. It’s what keeps me going through the rough patches. It helps me hold on and when it’s feast time…I feast and I share the feast and I feel so incredibly grateful I can do that.

So off I go..all the things swirling around in my mind…all the ways I can express myself or make a buck..and go!

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