“The Eagle” sent me a text the other day about China, Obama, Bill Gates conspiracy and how the liberal news media is making a big deal about nothing with the virus. She contradicts herself a lot in this reshared propaganda message. On one hand you should be afraid of the virus…and Obama created it…on the other you should not take it seriously and go live your lives like normal. I would share it but I just can’t continue to put that crap out there and take the chance it is shared again.

I told her how incredibly irresponsible she was being. She sent this to 10 people on her contact list. I also told her to go take a walk and get a grip. People are dying. Her reply…”I don’t think so Ann..unfortunate you think that”.

It’s a cult, people. Reality is not there anymore for these people. They have been properly programmed to not believe anything but what trump tells them and the conspiracy folks pump into them. I’m not saying all trump supporters are like this because I’ve seen plenty who have decided he is insane and this isn’t okay anymore…but a lot of them..this is how they think. He found the perfect base for blind faith. He knew what he was doing when he latched onto the evangelist crowd. They will go down in flames for their Jesus. Anything less means you are not good with god and he will not take you home to heaven. And christians are always persecuted for their faith..it’s pumped into your head that people will doubt your faith and persecute you for believing in Jesus. They are the perfect folks for trump. I grew up around this. I was raised in how they see the world. He found his perfect base.

So now we have another plot twist to the already surreal and mind blowing moment in this world’s history. Because why not. We have virus deniers. On one hand they are stock piling toilet paper..they love a good end of the world stock pile…and on the other..everything is fine..keep going out and doing what you normally do because the never trumpers want you to not have fun and stay home. On one hand they will claim the government is trying to destroy us..but you know…trump isn’t the government so he won’t. He is a common man. He is trying to drain the swamp and save you..don’t you know.

So that’s what we are dealing with. Care for a little gasoline on that fire? Here you go. Poof!

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