The Never Ending Commission

The big commission was supposed to be delivered this week to the San Diego area but the family is stuck at their home in Utah until further notice.

I just have to laugh about it. This was supposed to be such an easy commission. A slam dunk.
While taking this commission on I dealt with so many many wtf moments. If I tried to write it all out in detail you all would seriously think I was making it up.
But there I was dragging (very carefully) this big ass custom made window with me while moving and facing the idea I might be homeless and glue that always dried before suddenly not drying and a “friend” taking advantage of my emotional state while dealing with PTSD…forcing me to move…again.
While I worked on trying to get back up on my feet..I was working on this commission. While I was trying to deal with being 47 yrs old and having nothing but a small part of my sanity left and moving a lot of heavy mosaic studio belongings (by myself) all over the place…I was working on this commission. While I was trying to financially recover from how many moves and a trip to Ireland…I was working on this commission. The work doesn’t stop just because you are looking up how to survive living in your car. I was going to finish this commission. And I did. And now I can’t deliver it and be paid the remaining amount…because a virus is attacking the entire world. Yep.
That all happened…and more while working on this commission. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so ready to deliver a piece and be done with it in my life. 👏

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