Can’t Stop the Water

The stupidest things are making me tear up right now. Talk about being a constant emotional ball of goo. I’m okay..I have moments but I’m really working at staying in a good head space…you just can’t help but feel all the sad and fear around us right now. I hope you all are managing best you can and just are not alone…this is a worldwide grieving thing going on multiple levels and you can’t help but feel it. Especially those of us a bit more sensitive to the feels around us. Like sponges we are. We absorb the good and unfortunately all the bad too. Vibes matter. What you put out there matters. It’s why I am not allowing fear and conspiracy folks near me. I honestly can’t handle that crap right now. And I worry about how others are able to handle it so don’t take it personal if I drop kick the noise. 👏 No time for that and it’s not helping the sensitive among us.

Take care of yourselves. Be gentle on yourself when the tears come. Just let em. Then dry your face and keep on doing and making your space your refuge while we ride this out.

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