More to the Story

It’s so completely disappointing to have so many people send me messages or comment to me about the protests and the beaches here in HB. For the most part I trust our news media although I’ve learned through my own interviews that have been done that they always seem to forget things or change things around in my story. Like every time…unless I get to write out my answers to questions. Not intentionally…just kinda the result of rushed maybe sloppy reporting I think. (Example…”Anne Marie uses stained glass to make beach mosaics in the sand.” 🧐)
So I know this happens and is really more common than you think but I can see now how this can really be a negative when reporting on events where it’s kinda important to have the full story and accurate story when it’s being put out there for people who have never been here. A bunch of loud mouth, attention seekers…are not the whole story. A camera angle that makes things appear differently than what they really are…is not the whole story. And the reporting can be one reporters first impression of things and again…not the full story. And sometimes…it’s simply skimming through words handed to a reporter and they report certain details of it and bam..printed..recorded…and unless it’s really screwed up..not corrected.
So I look at what’s being put out there differently now. And if it’s something that gets people fired up..a hot topic..I really try to look at what I read or hear with that in mind. I don’t think everything is twisted to sensationalize it…I know it’s not always intentional…but I do know there is always…always…more to the story.
And the more to the story here is…not everyone here is out protesting beach closings. And not everyone here are trump supporters. A lot of us just want to be safe and keep others safe and trust our city leaders to want the same things for us. So ya..just my two cents about what I see and read. And really have to be there…because there really is more to the damn story.

One thought on “More to the Story

  1. When we went down to HB to see my dad after the big protest day and there were still protesters at Main Street I was surprised that it seemed more like a Trump Rally vs open the beach. Sitting at the signal and hearing their chants and reading their signs with Natzi emblems and many wearing MAGA Hats, Governor signs dressed up like Hitler, I was struck with how much hate I felt in the air. Civil War. The clash of people who want to protect our healthcare workers, essential workers and our family, friends and community vs people who think of their own personal agendas and wanting the virus to be a Republican/Democrat issue. It’s not. Personally I find it offensive and selfish. Large groups, no social distancing and no masks. Over the next few weeks I pray OC does not get hit hard due to the foolish
    Acts of a few crazies. I understand the need to get out and that is coming with safe recommendations on how to use outdoor spaces. A study of humanity for certain.

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