Got My Mask And Head On Straight

Guys…stop fighting with people online (or in real life) about wearing masks. Super pointless. Not one person not wearing a mask is going to suddenly get it and put a mask on. Just BE the example. Just take care of you and others the best way we are being advised to do by “medical doctors”. If a place is full of folks not wearing masks…guess what I do? First I cuss under my breath and put a hex on their first, middle and last born…then I turn around and find a different way to get my essential Doritos fix. That’s it. It’s just not worth fighting about wether or not it’s a good idea to protect your neighbor from the rona. You are never going to get the outcome you desire. Ever. Don’t do that to yourself. Remember…mental health is just as important. It’s inconvenient as fuck…but this is where we are at. Don’t add to the pile. Don’t waste words on someone who wants you to flip out so they can point and say “see..they want our freedumb!”
Let it go. Do what’s right for you.

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