Social Media

It’s a lot every day isn’t it? It is for me. So much coming from so many directions. I can’t keep track of it all. It feels intentional. I’m trusting my instincts that a lot of it is intentional. The divide..the confusion..not knowing who or what to trust. Scrape all of it away and you see points of light. You see reality. I knew social media would be bad. I never imagined how bad. Is it worth the pockets of good? The connections we have made that would not have happened without it? I think sometimes yes. Sometimes no.
I’ve been sitting on this fence for years. I’ve watched friends jump off. I miss them but I think “good..they are free.” I stay because I feel this weird need to not just give up. To not give up on what sometimes really is a brilliant idea. I say I stay because of my art…but it’s really not the strongest thread. The connections are. People are why I stay. I’m afraid to go back to being alone. To not feel connected. I know what that was like. To not see the world and be in a bubble. But it’s a lot. All of this is a lot. I can’t organize it all fast enough so I don’t. I just watch it appear and disappear with no comments left.

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