Happy Fathers Day

I have the unique opportunity to have 2 fathers. One who raised me..one who I amazingly found by being someone not okay with it forever being a mystery. Both have played huge roles in my life. Both were crucial for my development and who I am today.

One was my beginning…my gene core of who I am. So similar at times I have to remind myself I’m speaking to a mirror image of who I am and to proceed accordingly. But ultimately the heart of who I am. My compassion and my ability to reason and critical thinking about things and my love of knowing and understanding things outside myself..and to travel and go see for myself…come from him. Im certain I may have never attempted to find him..had I not first had those core genes from him.

The other is the father who raised me and instilled a work ethic in me and taught me to never hold a grudge because it just wasn’t worth it. Not a gene in common and many clashes when I was younger simply because we could not possibly understand each other’s core. But as an adult I understand him now and see clearly what he sacrificed for me and how in his way..how much he loves me and is proud of me.

I am so fortunate to be able to have both in my life. I sometimes can not believe this is my reality. How something so complicated…turned into what it is today.

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