Different Rules for Boys

Here is something not talked about a lot…the number of older women who sexually assault young boys.

I can not count the number of times I’ve heard from boyfriends or guy friends that their first sexual experience was with an older woman…an adult. Or the mother of a gf. Or a babysitter. Or a friend of their moms. Way too many to count and it’s something I’ve always thought was really weirdly not treated for what it is. Maybe because in every instance the guy was more than willing. And there is this thing with guys..like it’s a trophy to have had a first experience with an “experienced” older woman.
But my question has always been..was he emotionally ready? Because every one of the guys I knew who had a 11 -16 yr old early sexual experience with an older woman had some serious unhealthy issues with sex.
Every one.
Now switch that around to a girl that age..and we are mortified..it’s flat out rape and sexual assault. But it’s not considered that with boys? Boys..who mentally mature later than girls. Oh right…because they were willing and it was “consensual” and “cool” to brag to your friends about.

It will forever be something I don’t understand is not treated as what it really is. And I will never understand how common it is. Who are these women? What in the world would make it okay in your mind..especially as a woman and the things we deal with..to justify that? It’s the upside down with this never really talked about thing.


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