Enough Now

It’s gone way past politics and just difference of opinions for me. These are people’s lives. Wether it be their physical well being or how they are able to make a living and have a roof over their heads and provide for their families during a pandemic. Your actions online matter. They matter off too. But when a bunch of people who you know are good people who would not lie or deceive you are telling you that something is false and could lead to endangering lives..you listen. You put away your religion. You put away your politics. And you listen. When a well known organization responsible for countless conspiracy theories and flat out lies puts something out there and you trust it before friends or family…there’s gonna be a problem. And there are gonna be choices made about what you want and who you want in your space.

I am not debating wether people should do what they can to protect themselves or others. This is not a debate for me. You have a right to make choices for yourself and I have a right as well. And what we share and promote..matters. It has always mattered because look where we are now. A lot of the chaos and confusion about what we should all be doing during a pandemic is directly related to the misinformation that has run completely amuck in this country. It’s why we are here. And like always..we can stop this if we choose to. We could tell these misinformation groups to go back underground and force them out of the mainstream. If we chose to. And until we all collectively chose to…I will be making decisions about who I want in my life. Who I know would make good choices around my children and grandchildren to keep them safe. Who I know is actively trying to keep our communities safe..by simply not being a part of the problem. This is not something I’m going to debate any longer. People are dying while we all debate politics. People are dying while we debate religion. People are dying while we debate science.
It’s just not a debate for me any longer.

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