Shoulder It

You know I’ve done all the things I can do (from home) and I still have frozen shoulder. I have full range of motion…so maybe it’s not frozen shoulder now?…but it is hurt shoulder. Pain every day. For 2 years now?
Mornings are the worse. If I have it in a weird spot and go to move..extremely painful. But most days I just ignore it so it’s not stopping me from doing anything. I’ve just learned to accept its there. The one time I went to a dr he gave me a shot in my shoulder. When I got home I read his remarks saying he wasn’t able to get the needle and medication into the affected area. So..not sure why he had me believe I was given a shot. And why he assumed I couldn’t read. It also made me not really trust going back in to have it treated again. I mean..why didn’t he just tell me that in the office it didn’t work and we need to try something else? I’m not good with folks not being straight with me and not even attempting to figure something out that will help me. So I just haven’t gone back or even tried a different dr.
I just stretch daily..take over the counter meds when it…put heat on it…and live with it. I figure if it stops me from creating…then I will have no choice but to go get it looked at again. I know this isn’t very preventive but in the time of covid..I am like many and really don’t want to be anywhere near a clinic or hospital. Maybe paranoid…but I’m alive. I just have a hurt shoulder. But it does make me nervous. How long is this going to be like this? What the heck is it anyway? Do I need surgery?? Is that the only way it will heal?

So ya…that’s what’s on my mind today. 47 yrs old and on no prescribed meds..little over weight (30 lbs over my normal healthy weight) but not horrible. I’m not doing so bad..just one hurt shoulder. Just one constantly in pain shoulder. Now and then I research to see if there is something different I can do to treat it. But I mostly just live with it. I just live with some things. It’s what I do.

I was probably taught this now that I’m thinking about it. To just live with pain. Grew up in an environment where you didn’t make a fuss..and if your head wasn’t falling off…you didn’t run to the dr about every scrape. That’s the WI country/farmer way in me. Most likely very Irish and German side of my family. We were farmers. A tough lot of men and women. You had to be as farmers. A farming life was not for the weak. My mother when a kid fell off a hay wagon and they never took her to the dr about it. You just didn’t run to the dr about everything in my family. She hurt her back and later in life developed curvature of the spine. The assumption is she broke her back and it never healed correctly. Well that’s the story I was told. I don’t know how you break your back and never get treated for it. But it definitely was a common thing in our family. Rub some dirt in it. Carry on. No need to make a fuss. You still got all your fingers and toes right? I suppose this is engrained in me from centuries of ancestors who had no choice but to suck it up and carry on. The survivor gene really is strong in our family. I don’t know how I’ve survived half the things I have. Or my mother..or her family…we just have and do…with not a lot of help from drs.

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