The Day Social Media Died (For Me)

I’ve been on Facebook since the beginning of it. Over the years I’ve watched one particular thing that felt concerning if it took off..conspiracy theories. When I first started seeing was some dude in his moms basement making up stuff in between his creating or playing video games.
It worried me because I could see the potential of it being shared so much people would begin to think it true. But for a good long while it was obvious it was just some goofy ass people talking nonsense. It’s been nothing short of surreal to see that grow into what it is today over the years. To watch my worst fears become a thing…with a name even.
Now it’s your “smart” friends sharing Richards conspiracies. Now it’s your Aunt June becoming all upset about a fake news story about children. It’s become so mainstream…it’s hard to tell when it’s a fake news story or a story created for the sole purpose of being shared. We call it click bait. See click bait are exaggerated news articles that get people to share it out of shock value alone…with crazy titles…but get people on their site..where advertisers products can be seen. It’s all about the money and or now political propaganda. All of this. Money money money feeds the misinformation machine. And it needs you and I to do it’s dirty work..for FREE. That’s right. You are working for free, kids…you share and share and an article goes viral and cha Ching! They get paid. Not you. You just help lead a real life crazy go shoot people at a pizza place that doesn’t even have a basement. Or convince people a worldwide virus is a hoax. Or convince people not to get your kids immunized. You are very much part of this machine..and awhile ago it wasn’t as apparent you were..until it became mainstream.
Now there is a real problem. Now this is not just staying’s becoming reality offline. Fake news. Lies. Misinformation. Partly true stories. Is now becoming BIBLE and something to die for. It’s breaking up families. Breaking up friendships. It’s becoming a thing people go see therapists about. Causing fear..anxiety..depression.
It’s getting a criminal president elected. Conspiracy theories are now being used as a weapon against other countries and their elections. We have real proof of that…and even that has been turned into a conspiracy theory or hoax. It has in every sense run amuck in so many different areas of our lives…it really is harder and harder to know what is true.
And now…now when people who can see what is BS try to say something….now when people try to point out a fake news article..they are being condemned for not allowing people to have their own beliefs or opinions.
This is where we are. It’s become so colluded and toxic…folks are leaving their connections they made over the years online…and getting the fuck off social media. This is the next thing I see happening. The rejection of anything social media. One by one people saying no and leaving the easily convinced to fight amongst themselves over which conspiracy theory is truer and less fake.
This is ultimately where I’m heading and there is a bit of sadness about that. As an introvert…social media has been..well it’s been life changing. In so many ways. It brought me connections with people I otherwise would never have met without it..around the world. It made my little world much larger. It brought me opportunities. It brought me a career with my art. It became my art gallery and I have used it with this main goal in mind for years. There are parts of social media I will still use for that purpose. But the personal connections part…that feels like it’s starting to close on its own. I’m watching friends not evolving with this new reality. I don’t know how to continue relationships with people who believe I am trying to take their precious misinformation away or condemn it. I really don’t know how to relate to people who believe these things and put people in real physical danger by telling them a worldwide virus is a hoax and not a big deal. I don’t know how to continue a relationship with people who believe only certain peoples lives matter. Social media is starting to become something I don’t want in my life causing unnecessary stress with a lot of people I’ve never even met. It’s beginning to feel like I am part of the problem. It feels toxic and ugly and I think it’s about time I follow my daughters and some very smart people I know..and get off this sinking ship of shared BS.

It was a good run. It served me well and I will continue to let it work for me. But this Facebook thing especially…it’s getting way to toxic and just nutty. And I’m losing time doing things that are positive and constructive. Like reading a book or creating art. Or just getting off my ass. To easy to spend hours just scrolling through the muck. It’s time.

3 thoughts on “The Day Social Media Died (For Me)

  1. Where has the notion of empirical evidence gone?
    People who believe in conspiracy theories, just need to be in control. They feel the fear of not having an answer, hence it makes them feel safe to believe they know what is going on. They choose a line that makes them feel comfortable, even if it may be totally outrageous it is an answer for them. It is better to say I am in control of this situation for this type of person. Very sad and very misguided.
    I applaud your decision and dedication to what is right and true. Too much shit on the internet is making it very difficult to sift through to enjoy the good stuff! Stay safe , stay strong xx


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