How They Are Using Your Faith

Oh look…what I’ve been screaming about for months. (Link and article on bottom of this post.) This is happening, people. Long time friends who used to have a grip on reality are in fact falling for this. I’m unfriending and keeping a necessary distance from this absolute wack a doodle mind set. They hijacked the hashtag “save the children” and also “save our children” recently too. So now you look like a complete asshole who hates children if you disagree with them and try explaining this is being corrupted and manipulated by an organization that claims trump is a god who will save us all and is sending secret coded messages every time he speaks. This also helps them convince others how evil the opposition is. I mean who doesn’t like kids or want to save them? Why liberals of course. And once you make people evil…they have no rights..cuz they are evil and deserve to be destroyed.

It is straight up USING the christians in this country to spread its message. It is using love for children and our natural urges to protect children…to promote a political figure and push its agenda. It is the definition of mental abuse in my mind. And you will not hear trump condemn it. He instead acts like he doesn’t know what it’s all about. And honestly he probably does not even fully understand Qanon…all he sees is people saying he is a god. Cant be a bad thing in his book, right?

This is straight up scary shit. If you aren’t understanding just how dangerous this is becoming you need to catch up and catch up quickly before you accidentally help promote it by sharing an innocent looking article about children or Covid that was created by Qanon. It’s putting real kids who actually need help in danger. It’s collecting money NOT FOR CHILDREN but for trump. It’s putting false information out there about Covid 19 and endangering lives by promoting this false narrative that this virus is a hoax.

I am absolutely sounded the alarm and will continue to about Qanon. This isn’t just online crazy stuff anymore like it used to be. This is in the streets..this is in your church..this is every video where you see an anti masker causing a scene at your local grocery store. This is people who are beginning to be legitimized and considered for a seat in our government. It’s mainstream now. Conspiracy theories are becoming the god honest truth for many.

Be aware of who made an article. Backtrack it all. Google the names of the creators of articles and you will find the trail that leads to a known and reported conspiracy theory group or Qanon themselves. You have to now. It’s too colluded online. It’s to easy to deceive now. It’s not deep in the dark allies of the Internet any longer. This is on your grandmas online timeline.

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