Company You Keep

Mass murderer…that’s who you are supporting by supporting trump. I’m done not calling it out for what it is. None of this needed to happen and could have been prevented. We could be living somewhat normal lives right now. ALL Businesses could be open. We could all be doing this together and people…thousands of people did not have to die. Thousands did not have to get sick at all. How dare anyone support this. It’s SICK. I can not look at people in the same way knowing they support my children’s and grandchildren’s lives being threatened or turned upside down. I don’t hate you…I refuse to lower myself to hate…but I can not relate to this willful ignorance and denial about what has happened and continues to happen. I just can not look at you with any kind of understanding of how you could be okay with any of this. And I can not wait to make this vote. I can not wait to stand up and say loud and clear this is NOT OKAY. My quality of life has been seriously affected but it is nothing compared to those who lost their lives and the grief of families left behind. The line was crossed when people began dying and being hurt. It should have been crossed for everyone the moment you heard him say he purposely and intentionally down played this virus. We know now quick reaction and informing the country and having a nationwide plan was absolutely crucial. WE KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE. We have proof. And instead of even saying…gosh I fucked up…we get more absolute denial of the facts we have and blatant continuing to put Americans in jeopardy with political rallies. It is blatant and cruel.
It is nothing short of criminal. Nothing short of mass murder. History will record every thing that happened…historians are not the news media. You can’t run or corrupt what actually happened and words that came straight from his mouth. We have recordings. We have video proof. We have eye witnesses. There are no more ways to have anymore proof than we already have. At this point you are simply complicit in every crime he committed. You drove the getaway vehicle at this point if you still continue to support him. You are just as guilty. And I just can not understand any of this.

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