The Value of Difficult Moments

RBG dying right before the election of our lifetime…a pandemic happening while the worst president in American history is at the helm…fake news being a thing that confuses people into thinking science is not real…and I could go on and on about all the unbelievable things going on right now in this moment. It’s surreal daily. But I’ve had moments like this in my lifetime. Moments where it’s like you feel there is some kind of target on your back. Moments when you think “my god..I honestly can not take anymore…” Moments when you honestly sit there not knowing what to do..where to go…and who to trust. And somehow…some way..I figured it out. And none of it was easy. And there were no perfect solutions. There was no lottery win so I could jump on that plane and leave it all behind. There were baby steps. A lot of MFing baby steps. There were priority lists of things that were ALL a priority…and you just picked one and dealt with each at a time because trying to deal with it all stopped you in your tracks..made you freeze..overwhelmed you into doing nothing.
That’s how we are going to get through this. There is no one problem greater than the is all crap. But you deal with it all by dealing with one..and then the next one. And people will yell about that and say “you don’t care..why wasn’t I first…” and you just have to keep on your path and do the best you can with the tools you have. There is no perfect answer during moments like this. There will always be someone who feels you havnt done enough or you did it the wrong way. Always. But you know who you are..well you better…because this is your most valuable strength to get past all the noise so you can deal with each situation. And you grab onto that truth and conviction like a lifeline and you use that to inch forward. And there will not be big parades with each battle won. There is no shiny reward for staying true. There is however a little file inside your brain of moments you survived. There is a pile of recorded moments that turn into experience. And with that experience comes knowledge. So the next go…and there will be a next go…you don’t panic like the first go. You know now..this is what worked and what didnt. You went through this or something similar and now you know…now you know. Knowing is huge. Knowing you didn’t huge. It’s a confidence you can’t buy. You earn that shit by surviving the worst.

We will get through this. I know this in my heart. No matter what happens..we will survive this moment and we will have gained something more valuable than what can be taught in books or learned from someone who has come before us. Experience is rich with lessons. Overflowing with lessons at times. Good or bad it is all so very valuable for the future and what comes next.

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