The emotional toil of telling people you will not attend a crowded event or party because you are being advised these are the last places you should be during a pandemic is a lot. Sometimes I can feel the eye rolls over the phone. And all I can think is…you’re welcome everyone I love and is part of my small circle of people I do see…I got you and I will always have your best interests in mind when I make personal decisions for myself that directly affect you. You’re welcome grocery store clerk. You’re welcome bank teller. You’re welcome neighbor I pass on the sidewalk. Because we are all so connected now. And here you thought we were so divided and separate from each other. I’m going to be responsible for my actions now more than I ever have before. I guess it took a pandemic to be the most self aware I have ever been in my entire life. I am grateful for this lesson in humility and caring for each stranger who crosses my path. Judge away. Roll your eyes and call me a fool all day long. I really won’t waste my time worrying about what anyone thinks about my choices in life. I will however use my time to give a shit about your safety by doing the things I know I can do to keep myself and everyone around me safe. Because it matters to me. It matters more than all the names you can come up with to call me. I sleep very well at night knowing I did everything we know to do. What happens after that is beyond my control. But what I can control..I will..gladly.

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