The One That Did Not Get Away

The day was perfect. We have a couple that we call our “bubble friends” who we go to visit maybe once every two months. They like us are doing the social distancing, wearing masks and not seeing or hanging out with anyone so we have no problem going over to their backyard for dinner and drinks on occasion. The day could not have been more perfect catching up on what’s happening and what’s become normal to us now..collectively shaking our heads about the state of the country right now. We had a great dinner when I suddenly got a phone call from our neighbor at home..45 minutes away. “Anne..I think your cat got out. She just walked up to me outside.” Instant panic. Our LBK wasn’t found before we left but we just assumed she was under the bed and left. Not our norm..we usually put eyes on both cats just to make sure they are there and good before we leave.

I tell our neighbor…she is the sweetest cat ever..she won’t bite or can pick her up. I hear her put the phone down and pick up LBK (Little Baby Kitty). Okay she says..I got her..what should I do? I say..”can you hold onto her until tomorrow morning when we will be back in town?” She says of course…then I hear rustling and “omg can I call you back…click.” Phone call ends. I sit there not knowing what is happening. A minute later she calls back..” she ran across the street…all the neighbors are out here looking forward her” I’m really panicking now. Across the street!!? Good lord she has never ran across the street!! So I wait and hear her say…”okay..the neighbor has her!! It’s okay! We have her!” Relief and embarrassment knowing all the neighbors are out there with our darn cat. She tells me the neighbor will keep her at his place for the night and here is his number so we can contact him.

I text and tell him “omg thank you so much and we will be home early to come get her.” He texts back..”she is good and eating…” He sends a photo of her and I feel relief again..she is safe and inside…so grateful! Then I look at the photo closer. Wait…that doesn’t look like my cat. I text him back…”Umm…can you send another photo…I don’t think that is our cat.” I’m looking at the photo again and start laughing…that is not our cat..the black and white markings are all wrong. I text him again as the next photo comes through. “Omg..that is NOT our cat!” I’m dying laughing as well our hosts and my bf…we are actually doubled over laughing. I text my neighbor quick..”Jenny..that’s not our cat.” She calls now and I answer and for a good minute we can’t talk because we are both doubled over laughing. Crying laughing at this point. She says “no anne..say it’s your cat…” I say “Jenny….(laughing)…that is not our Little Baby Kitty.” We stay on the phone just laughing. My friend says…”it’s like we are in a Seinfeld episode right now.” We laugh harder. I receive a text from the guy who has the cat…”oh no..okay releasing the cat now…”

I don’t know if I’ve laughed so hard in such a long time. What a completely hilarious thing to happen and although nerve wracking at first…the release of laughter that ensued was absolutely glorious in every way possible. Wow did we ALL need that. I thanked my neighbors and told them “you guys are seriously the best. Thank you for looking out for us!!” We laughed the rest of the night about that. And then woke up early to leave and again…laughed about it. And also felt really grateful for our neighbors and the fact that no matter what is going on…no matter how screwed up the country and world are at the moment…there is still this need to care about each other. There is still this strong sense of community..the ties that bind us together..looking out for each other and our fur babies. All is not lost. All is as it has always been. And maybe stronger than ever. Our need to fix what we can..what we are able’s never felt so urgently needed and for one brief moment…a bunch of people saved a little cat. A bunch of neighbors went into action..dropped what they were doing…and helped another neighbors cat. What an absolutely beautiful and needed reminder that all is not lost. Especially our cat who was safe under a bed inside our home.

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