America Divided

It is depressing to see the number of people who are cool with that piece of shit and everything he stands for. But honestly…shocked? Not shocking if you grew up knowing there are people everywhere like this…they just weren’t given permission to say it out loud like they are now. Not shocking if you grew up in a small town in WI. Not shocking if you were raised in a religion where hypocrisy is the norm. Not shocking if you have experienced being around people who value money and riches over people. I’m sorry I’m not shocked. I really truly am. I wish I didn’t know there is a deeply rooted thing in my country that too often I ignored because I didn’t think my saying something would matter. I take responsibility for that. There were moments when I tried to say something…and the powers that whatever form it was in the moment..wether it was a supervisor and my job was at stake or an ex or a friend…they shut it down and I just didn’t think I had the power to change that. So I let it be. Sometimes I was able to remove myself from folks like that..other times I wasn’t in a position to so I just ignored it and tried to stay true to how I felt people should be treated. I don’t know now if I was just weak…or just trying to survive in a world full of people I couldn’t always just not be around. But I think I could have said more in many instances.
And here we are. The opportunists have locked in and they are not budging. They don’t all hate. They are not all raging lunatics. Many of them would give you the shirt off their backs for ya…no matter who you are or look like. Don’t be foolish and say they are all evil. That’s not realistic. They are not all evil. Don’t get caught up in that how you train a soldier to go after an enemy by making them into monsters so you don’t feel normal human empathy. They are not all monsters. They are opportunists. A real live Christian woman explained it best when she explained why she supported tRump. “Because sometimes god uses evil people (tRump) to do his will.” They know exactly who he is. It’s the really loopy sort who chose not to see exactly who he is and what he promotes. We call them Q fucks.

So whats the answer. Where do you even begin? I don’t know besides you just keep shinning your light. You be the example of what you see in the world. You accept you won’t always win but that doesn’t mean you just give up and stop trying. You say more. You don’t be quiet when you are out in your daily lives and are witness to racism or sexism.
You know when I left “hell ranch”… it was not ideal for me to leave. I would have stuck that out had I not been forced to realize how much it went against pretty much all my ethics and I was putting myself in a situation where illegal things were going on. It was the hardest thing ever to admit defeat…and publicly admit defeat to boot. Not too mention the huge financial loss of moving and then moving again. But it was very much one of those moments in my life where there was a fork in the road and I had to make a decision that went well past economics or a very bruised ego. Who you associate yourself with..matters. It mattered deep down to me. Daily it mattered and it was toxic. So very toxic. Anger and hate is incredibly toxic. Bitterness the most toxic of all. I have no regrets I left. But all that bitterness and hate on that ranch continues on. It’s still there. And I don’t know how I could have changed that. I honestly don’t know what the answer is. For a long time I believed it was knowledge…that to know and understand things was key to changing hearts and minds. But what happens when people stop trying to seek that? What happens when the information you receive is fake and wrong? What happens when you are told over and over all the other information is false and bad so you don’t even bother to see how other people think or feel? What happens when you are told the mere act of looking beyond what you know…is bad?

The world gets smaller. Your information you receive is controlled and limited. I’ve lived through that as a child. All my information was controlled. It was only when I reached an age where I was allowed to go hang out at friends homes who were not part of my church…that I started to learn..these secular people were loving and kind and not bad people at all. Control the information…you control people. Around the world this has been a reoccurring truth. The Russians know this. It’s why they helped create this divide by feeding the misinformation machine. If it doesn’t align with your beliefs…it’s fake news. If it doesn’t promote your objective…fake news. Create so much of it that no one knows what to believe anymore. Flood Facebook with it every single day. Put a president in that floods Twitter every single day.

I honestly don’t know how we get past this in a country where our goal..a good goal…is to allow everyone a voice. I feel like we will choke on our own freedom of speech. We will choke on our own idea to not have censorship of ideas.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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