Hello Hope

I have to teach today so I can’t cry yet. And I promised myself I wouldn’t until it’s officially official anyway. But lord…I’m going to release 4 yrs of it. Years of daily..every single day… “WTF is wrong with people???”
It is abuse. All of this is abuse. If you have a difference in opinion about how we should do things fine…but this tRump cult thing was and is NOT THAT AT ALL. People trying to tell me “can’t people have a different opinion?” BS
Are ya kidding me with that? Your opinion was and is it’s okay for people to die…they were old anyway. I’m not and never will be okay with those kinds of opinions! You shouldn’t be either!! And this never was a Republican/Democrat little innocent difference in opinions. As hard as you tRump cult members tried to push that. In the end… Republicans joined Democrats and we voted to stop this. The majority of us voted to stop this insanity. Let me say that again….the majority of Americans voted to stop this. Hope. All I see is hope in that. We are not hopeless. We are a nation of all kinds of different people from everywhere in the world..descendants of people from everywhere in the world. And we have a common goal. We are one in this idea that we can live together and we can flourish together and we can all have a slice of that beautiful and worthwhile pursuit of happiness. Hope wins today. Hope wins. It’s still there. It still exists.

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