A Side of Peace at Home, Please

I really need to sell some art today. This is getting scary. I also need to dig deep and somehow put all my at home worries aside and start cranking out what I do. And it’s hard for me to create when there is unrest at home. I need my work space to be in a good and peaceful place. I don’t think we talk enough about the at home stress we are each experiencing. The mental stress of caring about people within your home who are struggling to be okay during this pandemic. Some of us have to be strong for more than just ourselves and it takes a toll. It is for me. And it shows in how productive I am with my art. If ya ever want to really know how I’m doing…look at what I’ve created in the last few months. It will tell you exactly how I am mentally. And right now I’m exhausted from being an emotional sponge..inside my home and out.

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