Decisions Made

We will be moving in April next year. (Another part of the reason why I won’t be teaching at the art center and why I had to make a wise business decision about the drive.) I’ll still be an active member of the HB Art Center…it will just be a longer drive for shows and events I will take part in.
And as soon as we get the vaccine and after the move we are planning an “epic” cross country road trip to visit family in Indiana and Wisconsin. Hoping for May..June?
We shall see how it goes.

This is absolutely a pandemic forced move. A new business was started right before covid hit and delayed..well pretty much everything from starting up so we have been crossing fingers and coasting through this past year waiting to see how this all plays out. Because of that delay, business type decisions needed to be made about selling a house that Allan owns and we will be living there fixing it up a little until it sells and can relocate on the coast somewhere again. Next year feels daunting…my back hurts just thinking about more moves…but in these kind of times you the best you can with what you have and keep moving forward. I have to say it is a huge relief to finally know what the plan is. I’m maybe overly sensitive to things being up in the air and uncertain so it really affected my productivity this year. I’m sad too. I love my home here. I love my Bolsa Chica beach and wetlands. I love my neighborhood and my Trader Joe’s and our favorite little places to ride our bicycles to for a pizza or beer. I love the friends I’ve made here too. Im going to hate that I can’t just pop on over..not that this year allowed a lot of that!
But…I’m just moving (not dead yet!) and will still be around in HB from time to time but not living here is going to sting. And this year…it’s just been one really hard thing after another with pockets of good. I know we are all exhausted and trying to keep things from completely unraveling so we are no different than any of you all with the struggle and I’m grateful we can stay connected through FB.

So ya..relieved to finally have a plan but it’s a sad relief with bits of uncertainty still in the mix.
Such is life.

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