Hours Away Now

Tomorrow the entire world will breathe a sigh of relief.
The entire world, guys.

Not out of the woods yet..we have a lot of deeply rooted problems…not in denial about that. We have so much we need to tend to and change and fix. But the poster child for those deeply rooted problems will no longer have the nuclear codes! Will no longer have power. Will be the F out of our White House. For that alone I will breathe a huge sigh of relief. WE did that. We changed how this story was being written.

I’m not sure how I’m gonna be tomorrow…if it will hit me like a brick wall or if it will be a flood of tears or if I will need to go out in the street and dance. Good possibility it will be all three. But what I will know is I’m not alone. I will know more of us decided to do something about this..mind you…during a worldwide pandemic..messing with our postal system and road block after road block…people stood in long lines and their votes were counted. That’s something. That’s huge. We did that under impossible conditions. We prevailed. We persisted and look what came of that. Just look what we did together. Amazing. Just absolutely amazing. I’m so proud of us all. Onward.

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