Embracing my Old Hairs

I wanted to see how much it would cost to have a hair stylist color my hair my natural color…which appears by my roots to be grey. Well salty dark blonde grey. (I’m a natural blonde thanks to my German and Norwegian heritage.) But my hair loves red dye (I was told by a hair colorist once.) and why I stuck with that color and if we really go deep into it…because I preferred the less attention and less preconceived ideas of how intelligent you are given what color hair you have. Yes..it’s actually a thing. People do in fact treat you differently depending on what color hair you have. I’ve had every color of hair and I was in fact been treated different with every color and ultimately I felt more comfortable with red for many reasons. Not that you all needed to know any of this but anyway..the cost of having someone strip my hair of years of red box dye (millions of hair colorists gasp when you say “box dye”) is $500 and up. Oh ya. You read that correctly. Well with a very experienced hair colorist it is. Maybe I could have it done cheaper but what a risk to take with my long mane. I would rather pay the extra for peace of mind. If I had extra. Which I don’t.
So I guess I will be two hair color Annie…should I choose to stop dying the hairs. And I know this is such a surface thing and not high on the importance scale of things in life that truly matter but as a woman…it’s important. Well it is to me. My hair..my body…a blank canvas that I don’t necessarily stress about but am very aware of and want to..you know…decorate nicely. Vanity doesn’t have to be an evil thing. It’s just a thing I try to not get too weird about but want to feel comfortable with and put a little effort into.

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