Lost City

Watched video of the tRump/Qanon rally in HB last night. (Let’s just call it what it really is.) And you know watching a place I really loved..and a specific place by the pier where there used to be drum circles and all kinds of different people would join and feel connected…now have snarky, smart ass covid deniers prance around with their tRump flags trying to out do the next person for that video or photo moment..made me sick. This is not the HB I first found 10 yrs ago. Had it been…I would not have bothered. I would not have felt welcomed or like everyone was welcome there. Had I walked the pier that first time and walked into that shit show…nope…I mean what a turn off.
It’s sad. It’s sad to watch that knowing what it used to be like with just the occasional Bible thumper and his sign telling everyone to repent. Now it’s a bunch of entitled jerks flaunting their entitlement in the face of people who have lost friends and family in this pandemic. I would not have felt the same way about HB had I discovered it today.

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