When Trees Bite Back (Allergy Kid Stuff)

Day 6 of allergies so bad it feels like I have a really bad cold. This has been the longest stretch so far of nonstop every day headaches and sinus pressure. Yes I’ve done all the things. No I do not use meds because as a life long allergy kid..I just decided I don’t like the way any of the meds make me feel. And yes I’ve tried them all. I do the neti pot thing which normally helps. Today not so much. The deck is covered with pollen from the trees. I’m very allergic to tree pollen. Was tested once and all the trees mess with me. Just no getting around this. It is what it is. But this time feeling exhausted along with it. A few days now I seriously felt like taking naps during the day and this is not my normal.
I just keep doing what I do every day..doesn’t stop me much but it does slow me down and I won’t lie…it is getting old. Tired of not feeling 100%
Again…could be worse…I’m fortunate it’s just allergies..but I don’t think people who don’t have allergies really understand just how much they affect people who do.
I’ve had stuff on my work table for a week now just sitting there. Can’t concentrate enough to work. Sinus headaches affect my vision to. My eyeballs feel like they are cartoon like pulsating. I just want a break and I live in the mountains now so no break for me. Tree pollen central. They are beautiful…but they bite.

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