WI Trip 2021 What I Learned and Learned Again

1) Listen to them when they tell you they don’t remember you.

2) You can not save people from themselves. Anyone who thinks they can is delusional. People help themselves when they are ready to. People climb out and pick themselves up on their own. And sometimes they don’t. Sometimes that day never comes. All you can do is let them know you care and will be there on the other side. You can not hold their hand though some things. You have to be okay with walking away when being pulled under by the weight of their things. You just have to walk away sometimes. Some things are bigger than you and never were for you to fix. People need to fix themselves.

3) Blood is thicker. Genes are an indestructible, invisible thread that are always there pulling you to understand yourself in a way nothing else can. Genes are nature. Nature is constantly evolving in order to survive and thrive. Nature remembers. Nature defies distance. Follow where it leads. Trust the journey.

4) Closed doors open windows. Pay attention..don’t keep looking at that closed door… look out that window.

5) Places change AND stay the same. It’s never one or the other. It is always both. Sometimes you do have to go back to remember why you left a place. There is strength and confirmation in the act of going back. Just don’t stay there. Don’t stay in that place in your mind that doesn’t exist anymore. Always move forward. Always evolve.

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