A New Chapter

Something changed in the 10 years since I’ve seen my biological daughter last. A major shift. More words said..more explanations. More just talking it out and understanding. That initial awkwardness has disappeared. We have been in constant contact over the years but this past visit I noticed a confidence and peace I hadn’t before. In both of us. Such a strange journey the relationship of a biological mother and daughter. If you are given the opportunity. Such strong emotions for people you instinctually recognize and love..but don’t have the memories that go along with the building of a relationship and getting to know this someone.
Last night we made a promise…a promise I would have normally initiated but my little me said the words first. We would always talk things out should we have a disagreement about something. We wouldn’t let things stew or allow misunderstandings to have a place to grow. We would always tell each other and work it out. I’m not even sure why we needed to say these things..I guess it’s part of the building of a relationship and needed to be said. So we did and on and on we go reconnecting making up for lost time. Only 18 yrs of lost time…but it felt like 100.
I can’t explain how blessed I feel. I just can’t explain it. You would have to know this experience and lived it.

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