WI Accent Renewal Vibez

Apparently spending a week in WI made my WI accent come back stronger. (Ya..more weird and amused looks from people whenever I talk.) Boy could I hear it while there in everyone. Finally got what everyone was saying about certain words used and how some are pronounced. We do sound like Canadians but not exactly. Maybe lazier with some words. German or Norwegian influenced too…heard that a lot. A lot of “ya’s”…and our “o” pronunciation is probably more Canadian influenced. It’s really interesting to be away for a bit and finally hear what others hear when I speak. I honestly never understood it. Thought I talked like you all. 🤷‍♀️ lol
I’m not kidding when I say I have to tell strangers where I’m originally from constantly. Or they don’t listen to what I’m saying they sit there trying to figure out where I’m from and when I say WI they “ahhh I thought maybe Minnesota.” (Which is rude to us by the way. lol) It’s like me saying to someone from CA “oh I thought you were from AZ.” Not knocking any states…they are all lovely.

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