What Are We Teaching Our Youth?

It is very concerning to me that our younger generations have a very serious distrust of government anything and distrust about how a democracy works. Ya I get that this can be normal…I remember being young once and watching adults argue over politics was a huge turn off and I had little interest in all that noise. But the feedback I’m getting from our younger folks..they are much more aware of things and growing up in a time when there is so much turmoil in every way possible. The distrust goes way beyond just government. They are young adults who had to practice school shooting drills in school. They couldn’t even feel safe at school. Or a movie theatre. Or a grocery store. The distrust is being deeply rooted and it shows when I have conversations with my kids and watch other convos online. They are watching grown adults lose it over face masks. They are watching adults..their parents..lose it about race and freedom and just non stop divide about everything. What will that sow? What will these young adults attitudes be as they reach their 30s and 40s? Their choices are one extreme or the other. No middle ground. It’s alarming to be honest. What will America look like 30 yrs from now? I hope it circles back to mere differences in opinions and policy. I hope it does. It’s always been a thing where we freak out and then recover and calm down in this country but it feels so volatile and extreme right now and I can see how it is affecting our youth. The very people who will be in control someday and making decisions for us older folks. (Just had a “Breakfast Club” flashback with that statement.)

I fear we have not given them the positive attention they need to grow and develop. I fear we have left them to fend for themselves while we all argue about nothing. I hope I’m wrong. I hope this is just a repeat of generations before and after and it will come around again.

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