Smart People Can Be Culty

Medical professionals with many certificates and years of medical experience can in fact also be in a cult. Very smart people can in fact be in a cult. Yes there are dumb folks out there but this idea that everyone who is in a cult is dumb is not true. Culty parts of a brain are different than the book smart parts of your brain. I don’t know how better to explain that..and I’m not a dr..I just know what I’ve experienced and seen for myself. Maybe it’s the emotional part of the brain. Maybe it’s related to some sort of trauma or feeling disassociated socially with others and I really believe it most likely is. It’s why people who feel wronged are easily convinced by folks telling them they are the only ones who understand and they will be their “family” and give them the support they feel they need. All kinds of people from all walks of life and professions can be in a cult. Remember that because too often I see people just write folks off as being idiots and I get’s hard to understand but it’s also dismissive and not focusing on what’s really going on.

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