Sorry I can’t get on this bandwagon of hating on Texas..or any state or city. I know too well that it’s not an entire place that is bad and corrupt and it’s not everyone there who corrupts it. Put focus on the people actually responsible for bad laws and corruption. Focus on the powers that be in a place and the people supporting corruption. Support the folks who are there fighting the good fight. This whole this state against this other state thing feels dangerous. It’s civil war territory if you ask me. And there is A LOT of that kind of talk going on right now.
It’s too broad a statement to say an entire state is evil. It is ultimately dehumanizing and not taking into account that sometimes a small group of corrupt people can make bad decisions for a large majority who do not support these decisions. This happens a lot. We have examples of it around the world. It happens here all the time.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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