I’m a big fan of transparency. I think wether good or’s more important to be honest or informed than not. I also think transparency opens the door for help in a bad situation that would otherwise not be there if kept quiet. Some see it as weakness or failure. I don’t. I see it as a strength. It is strong and brave to lay it all on the table and say..this is where we are..we are not perfect and I don’t know everything and what can WE do about it. It is also an opportunity to relate to others. Who among us has not had similar experiences? Being able to relate is connection. Now we are at a different level..a different place and can relate and connect where prior we could not.
But that’s just how I see things.
So when I’m being transparent about things..ya I make myself vulnerable and there is risk in that..but I am also giving myself the opportunity to connect and problem solve beyond what I am capable of by myself. I’ve only found good in that.

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