That Moment…

That moment you realize not everyone was walking around feeling uncomfortable about so many different things all of the time. (But some were.) You kind of knew this..but now you KNOW THIS IS REALLY TRUE.

That moment when you realize it was in fact extra hard for you to do every day normal things…every single day.

That moment when you realize the hard things for “normal” people..…were 100x harder for you as an autistic person.

That moment you realize you are even more of a bad ass than you could have ever allowed yourself to believe you are. That you not only survived very hard things since you were a child…but you did so while being autistic. And most of the trauma you feel is from surviving things that did in fact affect you greatly because your brain was wired differently and you are naturally much more sensitive to change. Good or bad. Change is hard. But it’s been much harder for you.

I’m having a lot of “moments”.

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