Special Interest..Music

Finding a community who loves (obsesses) over music like you do is pretty something to experience. I find myself a kind of wallflower at the moment just watching everyone geek out about favorite music and songs like I do..all ages…and suddenly I’m not the odd one in the room anymore. There are like copies of me out there. Clones. It’s amazing and weird. Where the heck were these people before? Was I living under a rock for 50 yrs? No wait…I remember one time in my life when..no a few times..when I ran into like minded souls when it came to music.

It’s really been interesting though this feeling of finding people like you. Who think like you do. Act like you do. It feels…normal. Familiar. A little freaky at times. But good. Suddenly my years of sharing music everywhere I could online doesn’t feel..different..out of place. And I get it now. I will admit I did certain things anyway. Even if they came off as different. I did stay true with my special interests and felt no embarrassment about it or unable to share. I need to give myself credit more for all the ways I was true to myself..even though a lot of things made me self conscious and unable to share..a lot of things didn’t and I let it all hang out. My theory was and is people will talk no matter what you do..so do it. And I did. And now I understand it better. This constant desire to just be me. Unapologetic me. From Taylor Smith to Metallica..music loving me. Did that. Not something I need to unpack. ♥️


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