Unexpected Routine Change

I’m bugging out right now because the power outage that I was told would happen at 9am has not happened yet.

Oh but Anne this is a good thing..more power time! Not a negative at all. You’re fine and an adult..bucker up and stop being weird and overly sensitive to such a little thing.

But my expected change to my routine to include a power outage and information I received is wrong and disrupted. So I FEEL off and really agitated and frustrated inside. I never understood why I felt this so much until now. (THIS is why it’s been life changing for me to understand why.)

Imagine feeling things like this all the time about simple “little” things and knowing it’s not logical or rational (because you have a functional brain) but you STILL FEEL IT and no amount of trying to shrug it off or ignore it..works…your entire life. I’m having a hard time concentrating and even knowing what to do now because of this one little thing. I won’t die. I’ll manage and get through it. As I always have.
But I still feel…bent. I feel like my day is off now. My mind feels scattered and very on edge. (Now would be a horrible time for me to deal with Verizon. I would go off on them.) And later today I will feel exhausted from my wheels turning and trying to ignore what I feel and focus again.

The difference between when I feel this way compared to when everything goes as planned is night and day. When things go as planned…I am LOCKED IN and extremely productive. I am magic.
I am super woman.
I am clear, focused and can easily problem solve and think. It’s very weird how it can so easily be flipped and triggered with just one little change to my routine.

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