Click Bait

Falling for click bait articles that do not answer a question…(we all do it and fall for it..and it’s why it’s even used)….that is the real bad thing we are experiencing online. That is the real manipulation going on. You got distracted and corralled into exactly where advertisers and the owners of businesses wanted you to be. And they used your fear of things you don’t completely understand to do that to you.

Careful about what article headlines are telling you to fear. It is very much a “Wizard of Oz” situation going on.
I know it’s a lot and can be very (intentionally) confusing knowing who and what to trust online. But knowing how these things work will help you notice the hallmarks of the manipulation going on. If you actually take the time to read an article..there are signs. Mostly in that after reading an article you don’t walk away with any more info than when you started reading it. It was “click bait”. It got you “inside the store” where advertisers have a bunch of signs up advertising what they do or even just their name. (Advertising 101..make your name familiar. Familiarity of a name alone can get people to buy your product. We naturally gravitate to familiar. Our brains like familiar. It feels safe. It feels validated.)

And that’s all I have for now. Might come back to this after another cup of coffee.


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