Grateful I Am Me

I’ll tell you this…even though neurodivergrnts might struggle with so many different things…and have to deal with all kinds of different sensory things every single day…there is an overwhelming agreement among those of us who can see the details in things and people….that to be born with a different brain would be worse.
And I agree. I wouldn’t want to be anyone else but me. Understood better? Sure. Maybe that will happen in my lifetime. But I feel fortunate to feel as much as I do and see as much as I see. Even if that means I have to see the bad really up close too.

Before I knew what I know about me I used to console my daughter and tell her..”you have special eyes to see all the details of everything which means you will have no choice but to see really bad things…but you will also see really good things too and that is a gift not everyone has.”

Terribly insightful for someone who didn’t really understand all she felt. I just knew what I felt and experienced and could see the signs she was feeling that too. I’m glad she had me. She needed someone to understand how she felt. I think it helped.


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