I don’t like snow because here…I’m not able to go anywhere. I don’t have chains for my tires (not that I could put them in anyway…and no salt is used on the roads here. So until it melts. I’m stuck. I have no place to be. Have all I need. I’m fine. But because I know I can’t leave if I needed to…I feel unsettled. It’s more about the change part of my daily routine. Any kind of change or surprise or unexpected anything…messes with my brain. Makes me feel anxious. So you can imagine any big change I’ve experienced in my life and how that felt. Oh but there’s more. The recovery time for big changes..can be years. I know this to be true. I thought I was just becoming weaker with age. More sensitive. Turns out I’ve been in a constant state of recovering and if you don’t even understand that’s what is happening…there isn’t a lot of self care going on to help that process.

(Diagnosed Generalized Anxiety Disorder enters the room.)


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