The Audacity of Asking for Help

Trust me when I say..asking for help is very hard for me. Having personal limits is very hard for me. I’m a proud Wisconsin woman. I come from two different family genes of proud, hard working folks. I was also taught incorrectly a lot of the time that I was a burden..a pain..a lot..when I needed more information or help. I do it all myself and always have when it comes to most things.
I am learning through therapy..I NEED to ask for help more. I need to ask for more detailed information too. It will annoy some of you but I’m being taught to ask anyway because maybe just maybe I will be asking someone who doesn’t mind and is patient and my assuming everyone is not willing to explain things to me or I am some kind of burden is the same as what has been done to me my entire life with the assumptions made of me and of what I am capable of.

It’s all nice this ”you can do it” mentality and trust me I am very capable of a lot of things and defy most odds. But some things I can ask for help with and I need to more.
I don’t always have to be a martyr and struggle and feel alone.
I can simply ask and not feel ashamed or embarrassed.


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