Special Interest…Native Americans

I’m in the process of learning about the local native American tribes who were originally local to this area. (Mohaves and the Chemehuevis)
Felt like making something with an indigenous people art feel to it.

As soon as I can..there is a local museum I want to check out here run by the tribe here that will tell me a bit more about them.

Little not well known fact about me..one of my long time “special interests” is native Americans in this country. I read about how they lived and their beliefs as a young kid and that was it. I was completely hooked. I read every single book I could get my hands on. They made sense to me. How they cared about each other and nature made sense to me. How their societies and communities were managed and thrived made sense to me. When my girls were young I took them to local powwows in WI and loved the sound of the drums and chants and bells sewn into the dresses they wore.

Next to my special interest in rocks, glass and music…Native American cultures is in this top list for me as an autistic human. Every place I have ever lived..I make a point to learn about the people who lived there first. I have to. I feel it is my duty to know and not let them be forgotten.

Recently I was told I couldn’t use the term “tribe” to describe groups of people. I took offense to this because they just didn’t understand the respect I feel for the word. I let them know I would continued to use the word gladly and out of respect. They blocked me. I really don’t care. Intent is everything. And I am a human and my ancestors come from tribes of people. The younger generation..although has good intent..is twisting this idea that everything is being said with disrespect. Such a slippery slope. So many words can be put into this category and it becomes ridiculous if you were to follow this exactly and never use any words that come from a different culture. I will not subscribe to this not logical point of view. I know my intent. And I deeply love and respect the Native American culture. I think had they been the ruling influence in this country…what a different place it would be.


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