Donna Williams Interview

Fascinating interview.

There is this horrible misunderstanding that if you are autistic you are not capable of describing emotion or feelings or even feel emotions (which is so mind blowing to me as I constantly sit with my feels) and it’s simply not true. What is felt and described is raw and pure with no ego to get in the way. I think the misconception comes from the inability for neurotypical humans to think in this way. To feel in this way. To explain it in a way that is really honest and matter of fact. If anything I believe from my own experience with myself and others..autism is actually the opposite in that we understand it in a different way but because most often we are trying to explain it to neurotypical humans..the translation is lost.
Now sit me down with another neurodivergent human..and I have no trouble at all with their understanding what I am trying to express or say. It’s an emotional language barrier. It’s not a mental deficiency at all. It’s a communication wall.

Fascinating. All this time I truly believed I was just wrong. I was just weird and wrong and it came down to simply not having a way to explain it to people who just knew what they knew and didn’t bother to think (and I don’t blame them..most of us didn’t understand this) but they didn’t think past what they already believed they knew about autism. Again. Again I am understanding finally why I struggled and why I was so often misunderstood. The answers were there..everywhere..I just didn’t know where to look.

I wish I could explain to people how huge this is. It’s like I’ve been given the keys to all these locked doors of simply existing on this planet. I keep finding more keys..this could be absolutely endless discoveries for me personally. At least 50 more yrs worth if I’m lucky. And this..this is why I must learn all I can while I can. I do not want anyone to ever again go 50 yrs not understanding so much. I really don’t feel like I have a choice. There is a huge community of us out there. Huge. Much bigger than any of the experts understand there is. I meet them online daily. I can communicate with them so much easier. They get it. I don’t have to waste time explaining much to them. I didn’t realize how much I was living in a country and couldn’t speak the language hypothetically. I just thought it was me.

Life changing.


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